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Who can I talk with if I have questions about my location?

Contact the River Pointe office via email at

When is payments due?

Your payment must be turned in with your students registration form. A registration will not be complete unless form and payment is sent in. You have the option of registering online or via the mail with a paper application. Refunds are only give in extreme cases of emergency.

What is the dress code for River Pointe?

Please ask your students and adult sponsors not to pack anything that:


Advertises alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs

Explicitly or implicitly promotes racism, sexism, or hatred of any group or person

Explicitly or implicitly refers to sexual actions or situations

Has spaghetti straps, except for sleepwear

Is excessively short or tight fitting.


While at camp, we ask that students and adults:

Wear modest, one-piece bathing suits or two piece suits covered with a colored T-shirt.

Wear modest shorts, dresses, slacks, and jeans for worship. Long pants or knee-length skirts are required for students or adults participating in worship on stage.

Do not dress in a way that calls attention to their underwear (sagging your pants, rolling down your waistbands, etc)

A dark t-shirt if you plan to take the messy games or water games track.

We invite you to join us as leaders in monitoring your group to ensure they are dressing appropriately.

What will housing accommodations be like?

All campers will be staying in a dorm room holding 25-30 students. Each dorm will have at least 2 adults as a Counselor/Counselor Assistant. The Girl and Boy dorms hold 150 persons in each. The dorms are equipped with bunk beds and have a/c. Sleeping bags are recommended for bedding and a twin fitted sheet to cover the mattress. Showers and restrooms are located inside each dorm house. An additional shower house is a short walk from the dorms. We recommend bringing shower shoes and a shower caddy to carry shower items to and from the shower house.

What do my students need to bring to camp?

Bible, shorts and t-shirts, shoes-tennis shoes for recreation and sandals if desired, personal hygiene items, sleeping bag/pillow, money for snacks/lunch and items in the merch and other optional items such as a camera.

What should my students not bring to camp?

Alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, fireworks, any kind of weapon, water guns, water balloons, radios, iPods, CD players, play station portables or other gaming devices, roller blades or skateboards. River Pointe has a no cell phone policy. Cell phone signal is very limited, we ask student to leave cell phones at home.

How to contact my student in case of an emergency?

River Pointe camp office phone number is 573 -775-5566. 

River Pointe secondary line is 573-775-4724

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