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We understand that planning and preparing your church for camp can be a huge undertaking. So we have included some ideas to help jumpstart the process!

1. Plan to be more actively involved as a leader. Your enthusiasm for camp will be contagious to the students and their parents. If you are excited, more students will want to join you in the adventure that is camp.

2. Prepare your promotional materials. After you have decided to become involved, take this packet and pick and choose what needs to be given to your parents. If necessary you can add a personal letter explaining any other details they might need to know.

3. Design and set up a promotional/informational booth. This will add excitement for your students while providing all the details a parent needs.


4. Discover financial needs and draft a fundraising plan. Camp can always be a financial burden for some families. It is important as the leader to get creative with your fundraising to help these kids make it to camp!

5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! We would love to help with anything we can. We enjoy visiting your groups and helping promote camps. We have also traveled to many groups and are willing to help you with creative ideas for promotions or fundraising. Please don’t hesitate to ask for anything you might need! Home phone 573-775-5566 or email


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